Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What can I expect at a Sand Dog event?

Sand Dog events are every bit as much about the people as it is the diving.
Its the opportunity to gather with other divers who share an interest in diving with gear of a certain style. Some call it Vintage Scuba Diving, Minimalist Scuba Diving, Eclectic Scuba Diving or Modern Vintage Diving.....Some folks are there to try out gear they have been working on over the winter. Some are there to try out new ideas or inventions they have been working on and solicit feedback and ideas from the group. Others come to learn what they don't know or what they want to know more about. 

Sand Dog events are usually chosen so there is ample time to make as many or as few dives as you want. Many divers bring several different rigs that they want to try out and enjoy the fact that there is no schedule or required dive times during the day so they can go at their own pace getting in and out as often as they like.  Diving in the Florida springs with their naturally clear water is also time for divers to pose for the camera and or try out their new camera gear before their next open water trip. 

We also try to plan for evening meals as a group and plenty of time afterwards for more rounds of stories from Davy Jones locker. 
During Sand Dog events we will be happy to help and advise where we can but no one is functioning as an instructor or dive guide. Help is available if you need it and advice is usually given weather you like it or not :)  
We ask that you bring your gear, your questions, a good attitude and plan on having a good time. 

This years event is starting at Blue Springs in Orange City.  As you can see in the above picture there is plenty of shallow water and space to move around before you go down further into the outlet of the spring which is shaped like a funnel with ledges all the way down.  
You are in a State Park and C Cards are required when  you register at the gate. I would also recommend bringing a big hat, sunscreen, DEET, snacks and plenty of water. Folding chairs or something to set on are a big plus. A tarp or something similar to lay your gear on is a must as the fire ants are sure to be out in force in May. 

Gatherings in the evenings are CAUSAL affairs and if you are looking for 5 star cuisine and candlelight you better get with another group.  
A suggestion of tall boots would be in order as it gets pretty deep as the evening progresses. 

Hope this gives a little better overview of what goes on at Sand Dog
if you would like to read more or get further information please visit the Message Forum on the Vintage Double Hose website or see he Events Calendar on the Vintage Double Hose Facebook Page.

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