Monday, August 24, 2015

Vintage Scubapro Regulators

The Scubapro classic line of regulators are undoubtedly one of the most reliable and most copied regulators in the world. Most veteran divers will attest to fond memories of diving their MK 2-10 and 108-109 combination along with a myriad of attachments from black face brass and glass Scubapro pressure gauges, Pennform consoles with SOS depth gauges STAB jackets and the list goes on and on. These regulators were made in various forms and configurations for decades with most only having cosmetic changes. 
These days you can easily find good working examples at relatively inexpensive prices. Most need a bit of service work but when complete they are still as rugged, reliable and easy breathing as they were when new. Many divers never gave them up and you still see them all the time on dive charters and other gathering places of groups of divers. As with the double hose you will always hear someone say "Hey I had one of those, GREAT regulator, wish I still had it....Can you get parts for them?"

Vintage Double Hose has invested heavily in preserving these classic regulators in the same way we have done with the US Divers and Voit Double Hose Regulators.  My first dive shop experiences and places of employment were NASDS stores that carried only Scubapro and if you dove with anything else you were diving with second rate gear......Many of you know what I"m talking about :)

In an effort to spread the word and help get more of these classics back in the water where they belong I have just opened a new section of the VDH Message Forum directly dedicated to the Vintage Scubapro regulators and have given the moderator responsibilities to Mr Greg Barlow. 
Many of you already know him from his write ups and pictures of his showroom condition Voit Double Hose and his expertise with Mares MR12 regulators. 
Greg will no doubt come up with some interesting stuff to share about all things related to Scubapro classic regulators and will be joined in his efforts by other renowned aficionados in the field such as Luis and Robert COUV Couvillan and if we can get him over to the dark side Gary D.

Along with the new Forum section I have expanded and added as much information as I can get my hands on  regarding service procedures, manuals, catalogs and schematics to the free download section of the VDH main website.  I am always looking for more information for this section so if you have any to share please send it my way. 

Please take a moment and stop by the new section of the forum and say hello, ask a question or become part of the conversation. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reflecting on the Legends of Diving Event

This weekend in August would traditionally be The Legends of Diving weekend held at Portage Quarry Ohio.  Unfortunately and for various reasons the event has been cancelled and as of right now the future looks bleak for it's return.
On the bright side there will still be a gathering of Vintage Equipment Divers at two other quarries in Ohio near Portage Quarry this weekend but it Is Not The Legends of Diving weekend or The Un-official Legends of Diving weekend as has been posted around the net by people who have no right to do so and should just STFU about it.
Let me share a few photos from past Legends of Diving weekends. 

From day one Jeff Rice envisioned his event as a showcase for pioneers in the field of diving and as a way to recognize and highlight their contributions.
Did many people call him crazy for trying to do this at a quarry in BFE Ohio........Absolutely......Did it stop him....No Way!
For years he gave us the opportunity to meet face to face many people we had only read about in books or had seen on screen. He brought in priceless collections of original diving equipment and gave us the opportunity to talk one on one with the collectors. All with an outlay of his own capitol with the belief that if he put on the show.....PEOPLE WOULD COME....

All weekend he kept the event going in Jeff Rice ringmaster style with drawings, vendors, prize giveaways, contests, swap meet, manufactures reps, musical groups.....And who can forget the whole 1/2 chicken dinners!
These were great times to meet new people and spend hours and hours doing what divers do best.....TALK. We got to meet new people, discuss gear and even found time to do some diving.....Some of which took on an explosive nature ;).

Another event may be held to take it's spot.....But it will NEVER take it's place. I would encourage anyone who thinks they can do it to build on Jeff's model and take it even further....Be prepared to have endless headaches, disappointments, failures, frustrations and sometimes financial losses to get it going. 
The Legends of Diving event may be no more but I'm glad to say I was a part of it and wouldn't trade a minute of time at Portage Quarry and with my friend Jeff Rice for anything.