Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I sent a link to a one question poll regarding hose color preference to all participants in the Fundable campaign and only 75% of the eligible people voted. I guess I'll send my color preference to the other 25%...


It looks like red hoses will make the cut for at least the first edition Argonaut Krakens. 

Everything else is going well....Waiting for Fundable to release the cash so I can pay some folks and get process moving at a more rapid pace. 

Thank you

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fundable campaign closed with a bang!  I'm sure everyone on the list has received payment notifications from WePay who processes the funds for them.  These will be transferred to my account next Monday/Tuesday and I'll take it from there.
In the next few weeks you will get an E-mail from me asking for T-shirt sizes, address confirmation and for those of you who purchased regulators I will gather your choices and preferences so I can start getting that part organized.  I will also be starting a waiting list for the backers on this list.  Those of you who contributed at the $100.00 level will have FIRST opportunity to purchase an Argonaut Kraken as soon as they become available.  I will publish the list so you can see where your place is on it.  It goes by the date and time you made your contribution. So first to contribute, first to buy.  Regulators will be limited to ONE per backer when they become available.  If you pass on the opportunity when your name comes up your discount of 10% will still apply to a purchase in the future.   I will update this blog with manufacturing updates and other things about the process that I think you will find enjoyable.
It's still a long way to the finish line but without your help and support I would not even be to the starting gate yet.