Friday, March 28, 2014

Sorry I have not updated for a while but didn't really have any concrete details worth discussing and I'm sure the small details most of you catch on the Facebook and website forum pages.

Final production body sample still had a few issues...Detailed notes, pictures and drawing highlights were sent and an order was placed and large deposit made.  If all goes well I will be able to meet the June delivery time for those who have purchased an Argonaut Kraken.
As it stands right now there will be a few more regulators available if we have no problems with the production bodies.  I will start on the list from the first backer who did not purchase a regulator and work my way up till I have all the additional ones sold.
Yoke samples were spectacular and I think it is one that will serve us well for many years. The new design is very robust and is a great fit on the Argonaut.
Can production is done and they are scheduled to ship out to me next week.

I have closed repair service for other regulators May 18th to July1st to allow me to concentrate 100% of my time to the Argonaut Kraken and getting them out to their new owners.

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