Friday, June 12, 2015

Shark in a Bus ???

The whole month of June we are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Argonaut Kraken's release to the divers around the globe.
The diver you are about to meet is anticipating the arrival of his new regulator and has a very unique and fun way of sharing his love of diving and some of the creatures of the sea in his area.

Meet Paul Sharp, Museum Curator and soon to be Argonaut Kraken Diver.

"Shark in a Bus" is our heritage marine museum housed in a 1957 Leyland bus, representing two lifetimes of collecting around Australia. It has it's beginnings in the old Cottesloe Oceanarium, Western Australia's first public aquarium which operated in the 1960's.
The collection represents all of Australia and was put together primarily in the 1960's and 70's. It features a giant Great White Shark (White Pointer) as well as whaling artifacts, fossils, sharks jaws and hundreds of other amazing exhibits. There's even a sea dragon, vintage dive gear and pieces of the US space station Skylab!
We love our sharks and our curator Paul is keen to share a lifetime of sharky stories and experiences, as well as answer your questions about these incredible creatures.
I realize that many of us may not have the opportunity to visit Shark in a Bus in person but I really like the idea and what Paul it trying to do with his moving exhibit.  I hope you will take a moment to visit Shark in a Bus and please share them on your Facebook and other Social Media pages.  When I was a kid seeing an exhibit like this would have been better than a stack of E-Ticket rides on Christmas!
Photo of Paul's new Argonaut Kraken on the test bench before it begins its long journey to Australia.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sea Hunt Forever.....March 19th and 20th 2016

March 19th and 20th at Silver Springs Park Florida.  As part of the Florida Springs Fest annual celebration, VDH Worldwide LLC  will be bringing you a multi faceted presentation entitled,

Sea Hunt Forever!

  • World renowned collector and historian Alec Pierce will be displaying his one of a kind collection containing memorabilia and props from the Sea Hunt TV show and Silver Springs. Most items are found nowhere else in the world and some have not been seen for decades.
  • Meet original cast and support members from the TV series.
  • Divers in period correct gear reenacting scenes and entertaining guests on glass bottom boat tours and during surface intervals.
  • Jonathan Bird will be filming an episode of his award winning show Jonathan Birds Blue World during the event.

Fun and entertainment for the whole family with Silver Springs Park hosting vendors, artists and entertainers the whole weekend long dedicated to raising awareness of the need to preserve the natural resources of the Florida Springs.  

Website for event is being developed.
Facebook page  Sea Hunt Forever.

Media inquires contact

Sponsorship's are available. Please contact

Monday, June 1, 2015

Argonaut Kraken a year in review

In June we celebrate delivery of the First Series Argonaut Kraken regulators to all the backers of the Fundable Campaign. Please allow me a little latitude as I wax philosophically about what an amazing year it has been.
A year ago in February I asked my friends, dive buddies, customers and potential new customers to believe enough in our new regulator project to put up their hard earned money to assist me in covering the cost to manufacture them. You can still see the campaign on the Fundables website HERE
To my amazement we made our funding goal in 5 hours and went on to reach 160% of what our financial goal was!  Once again my most humble thanks to those who believed in the project and put their faith and trust in me.
Kraken Final.jpg
Now that the goal was met the real challenge was getting them all assembled, tested and shipped out to their new owners by the end of June 2014. With a great deal of help from my friend Rob at The Scuba Museum I was able to get them completed and we shipped 38 regulators to their new owners and 70 some T-shirts and certificates in a little over 3 weeks.
20140620_201458.jpgargonaut Kraken red hoses.jpg20140619_210557.jpg
Jerry Lang (aka Kemps Cow) takes delivery of his Argonaut Kraken at Portage Quarry
Over the last year I have been inundated with requests for information on the new regulator from around the globe and have shipped new Argonauts to 12 countries outside the US.
What I enjoy more than anything is getting pictures and E-mail from divers using their regulator and sharing them with their dive buddies and friends. This is the most rewarding part for me!
20140808_134654 (1).jpg12Argonaut.jpg128a.jpgNCM.jpgPhoto032.jpg53b83bfc4b83c29d497720722202393d_zps8202f338.jpg
We have over a hundred Argonaut Kraken regulators diving the world right now and I hope to double that number this year again.
Argonaut in it's element.jpg
Argonaut Kraken in it’s element

Luis and I are continually working to improve the Argonaut and do our best to share these updates as often as possible.  What other company provides you direct access to the designer of your regulator as well as the person who assembled and setup each one of them?  Below is a photo of Luis monitoring and taking notes on intermediate pressure changes while diving.
checking IP.jpg
Let me wrap this up by once again thanking everyone who helped make the Argonaut Kraken project a reality. Without your support I’m sure we would still be stuck with the few working prototypes only.
If you are not a member of Team Argonaut there is still time to purchase one of the original configuration regulators remaining in the website store.