Friday, June 12, 2015

Shark in a Bus ???

The whole month of June we are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Argonaut Kraken's release to the divers around the globe.
The diver you are about to meet is anticipating the arrival of his new regulator and has a very unique and fun way of sharing his love of diving and some of the creatures of the sea in his area.

Meet Paul Sharp, Museum Curator and soon to be Argonaut Kraken Diver.

"Shark in a Bus" is our heritage marine museum housed in a 1957 Leyland bus, representing two lifetimes of collecting around Australia. It has it's beginnings in the old Cottesloe Oceanarium, Western Australia's first public aquarium which operated in the 1960's.
The collection represents all of Australia and was put together primarily in the 1960's and 70's. It features a giant Great White Shark (White Pointer) as well as whaling artifacts, fossils, sharks jaws and hundreds of other amazing exhibits. There's even a sea dragon, vintage dive gear and pieces of the US space station Skylab!
We love our sharks and our curator Paul is keen to share a lifetime of sharky stories and experiences, as well as answer your questions about these incredible creatures.
I realize that many of us may not have the opportunity to visit Shark in a Bus in person but I really like the idea and what Paul it trying to do with his moving exhibit.  I hope you will take a moment to visit Shark in a Bus and please share them on your Facebook and other Social Media pages.  When I was a kid seeing an exhibit like this would have been better than a stack of E-Ticket rides on Christmas!
Photo of Paul's new Argonaut Kraken on the test bench before it begins its long journey to Australia.

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