Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tuesday June 24th I shipped 15  Argonaut Kraken regulators to their new homes!  I will do my best to have all regulators purchased during the Fundable crowd funding program shipped by Monday the 30th.
Please watch for an E-mail with the link to the on line waiver I need your information on before I ship.  Please be sure and fill out the waiver with the address you want your regulator shipped to.  If you have any questions please E-mail me and I'll respond as quickly as possible.


  1. Oh. Great.... thanks to you I won't be able to think about much else than my new reg' now.
    Keeping my eyes glued to the Inbox, waiting for your mail !

    (Oh, and: Great Job, Bryan. You, Sir, achieved the unthinkable !)

    PS: On your website, you advertise the Kraken as being the first new doublehose designed within the last 20 years... What about the Aqualung Mistral? I know it ain't a beauty but still.... ^_^ (came out in 2005..)

  2. The Mistral was not completely new.....It used an existing Titan 1st stage......The Mentor was not available to the public......The Argonaut is completely new.....E-mail Luis the design engineer if you want more details on his statement.

  3. Waiver link if you don't get it in your E-mail